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A Minimalist in a Rapper’s World – Osazeti



Kanye West, a name often associated with controversies and musical genius, has ventured into the world of minimalism. Behind the headlines and Twitter rants, Kanye’s transformation from a lover of loud and flashy to a self-proclaimed minimalist is a journey that has resonated with many, including those with an interest in fashion and design. In this article, we’ll delve into Kanye West’s approach to minimalism and how it influences various aspects of his life.



Minimalist Homes


One of Kanye’s minimalist endeavors is his house, notably the one often featured on Netflix and various websites. This minimalist mansion may not appeal to everyone, as the absence of clutter and the simplicity of design can be unsettling for some. However, the beauty of this minimalist approach lies in the negative spaces it creates. The lack of distractions makes the remaining furniture and structural elements stand out, a testament to the power of minimalist design principles.


Minimalist Art and Design


Kanye West has a keen appreciation for minimalist artists and designers, which stems from his passion for design. One of his early inspirations was the minimalist designer and architect Le Corbusier. His journey through minimalism led him to collect artworks and furniture pieces from minimalist artists and designers, including Anish Kapoor, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, and James Turrell.


James Turrell, a light artist, had a profound impact on Kanye. He incorporated Turrell’s work into his Sunday Service performances, showcasing the therapeutic power of minimalist art. Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoordt, who finds inspiration in wabi-sabi (the Japanese appreciation of imperfection), collaborated with Kanye to infuse deliberate imperfections into his living space.


Minimalist Fashion


Kanye’s fashion journey parallels his shift towards minimalism. He transitioned from loud and flashy clothing to simpler, minimalist styles. His wardrobe now features baggy and washed-out sweatshirts, challenging conventional fashion norms. Kanye’s minimalist approach is also evident in his work for Yeezy Season, characterized by a muted color palette and minimal branding, emphasizing the beauty of simplicity.


Minimalist Music


Kanye West’s minimalist beliefs extend to his music. He is known for his pursuit of minimalism in album design, focusing on clean and uncluttered aesthetics. His sixth album, “Yeezus,” reflects his minimalist ideals, and he worked with minimalist producer Rick Rubin to reduce sonic elements to create a minimalist masterpiece.


The Paradox of Consumerism


Kanye has always been vocal about the harmful effects of consumerism and materialism in our society. He recognizes the negative impact these forces can have on an individual’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth. However, his own lifestyle often seems at odds with these beliefs, given his high-profile persona and luxury possessions.


Despite the apparent paradox, it’s essential to understand that Kanye’s message is not prescriptive but observational. He acknowledges the truth about consumerism and the material world, offering a unique perspective on the complexities of navigating the minimalist path while existing within a consumer-driven society.




Kanye West’s journey into minimalism is both fascinating and thought-provoking. His unique approach to incorporating minimalism into various aspects of his life, from homes to art, fashion, and music, showcases how minimalist principles can be adapted to fit individual preferences and lifestyles.


While the artist may still grapple with the contradictions of consumerism and materialism, his journey underscores the idea that minimalism is not about following strict rules but rather about reducing redundancy, finding what is essential, and living a life that aligns with one’s values. Kanye West may be a minimalist in a rapper’s world, but his story reminds us that the minimalist journey is as personal as it is transformative.

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