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Can It Bring Joy or Steal It Away? – Osazeti



“Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, a reminder that constantly measuring ourselves against others can erode our happiness. Indeed, comparison often leads to dissatisfaction and envy, making it seem like a relentless adversary. However, it’s essential to explore the complexities of comparison, its inevitability in our lives, and how we can navigate this innate human instinct to find fulfillment and contentment.



The Inescapable Nature of Comparison


From an early age, our upbringing and society instill in us the habit of comparing ourselves to others. We see our peers with the latest toys, our classmates with trendy sneakers, or individuals achieving more significant success in various aspects of life. The era of social media amplifies these comparisons as we scroll through meticulously curated highlight reels of hundreds and thousands of lives. Our constant exposure to the apparent success of others fuels our doubts, making us wonder why everyone else’s life seems more exciting than our own.


In essence, comparing ourselves to others is hardwired into our brains as a survival skill. It is a way to gauge our abilities and the abilities of those around us, enabling us to set standards and strive for self-improvement. The fundamental need to measure our progress and adapt is essential for survival and reproduction in both our evolutionary past and the modern world.


The Pros and Cons of Comparison


Comparison serves a vital role in our lives. It helps us make decisions, set benchmarks, learn from others, and define our goals. We compare upward, using successful individuals as role models and sources of motivation, and downward, reminding ourselves of our accomplishments and expressing gratitude for our current position. However, comparison can also lead to judgment and the perception of others’ worth based on their achievements.


The Role of Envy


The negative emotions that often arise from comparison are predominantly fueled by envy. Envy is a destructive human flaw that transforms healthy competition and self-improvement into a race with winners and losers. Envy can lead to the immoral pleasure some find in others’ misfortune, making the comparison a toxic and often cruel practice.


Redefining the Purpose of Comparison


To harness the positive aspects of comparison and mitigate the negatives, we must reorient our mindset. Instead of viewing comparison as a competition, we can regard it as an opportunity for cooperation and growth. The idea is not to have winners and losers but to strive for collective progress.


However, reframing our approach to comparison is easier said than done. Comparing ourselves to others is a deeply ingrained instinct, and it’s challenging to escape. Rather than trying to eliminate comparison entirely, we should learn to coexist with it, recognize when it is detrimental, and use it to fuel our self-improvement.


The Benefits of a Break


Sometimes, a temporary break from comparison is necessary to protect our emotional well-being. Taking time off social media or focusing on the present rather than dwelling on past achievements can provide clarity and respite. However, avoidance is not a long-term solution.


Using Comparison Wisely


The key to managing comparison is to understand when and how it can serve a productive purpose in our lives. Instead of chasing someone else’s dream or playing by someone else’s rules, we should identify our unique success metrics. By aligning our comparisons with these personal criteria, we can reduce unnecessary upward comparisons that do not contribute to our happiness and focus on what truly matters to us.




Comparison is a fundamental aspect of human nature. While it has the potential to steal our joy, it can also serve as a source of motivation and growth. The challenge lies in how we navigate the intricacies of comparison, recognizing when it is detrimental to our well-being and when it can be a positive force in our lives. By understanding the role of envy, reframing our mindset, and identifying our unique success metrics, we can transform comparison from a thief of joy into a tool for personal development and fulfillment.

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