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From Fashion Enthusiast to Embracing Simplicity – Osazeti



In the ever-evolving world of fashion, there comes a point when one must question the relentless pursuit of trends and material possessions. Such is the story of my personal journey – a transition from being an avid fashion enthusiast to a dedicated minimalist. In this article, I’ll share my experience and the reasons behind my decision to shift from the fashion-focused life I once led.



1. The Fashion Obsession:


Fashion has always held a special place in my heart. From high-end couture to avant-garde styles, I was deeply immersed in the culture. I loved dressing up and staying updated with fashion news, making it an essential part of my identity. However, my obsession had its consequences.


2. Chasing Trends:


As I delved deeper into the fashion world, I found myself ensnared by the pursuit of the latest trends. My thoughts were dominated by desires like, “I need to have the latest fashion piece,” or “Did you see the new release from that designer?” I was constantly craving more and relentlessly following trends.


3. The Never-Ending Cycle:


The more I indulged in fashion, the more I fell into an endless cycle of consumption. Acquiring new fashion items gave me a short-lived sense of happiness, only for it to wear off as these items became part of my daily life. I often ended up with items I no longer felt passionate about.


4. Toxic Comparisons:


A toxic byproduct of my fashion obsession was comparing myself to others. I would judge people based on what they owned or how they dressed, leading to self-doubt and insecurities. Comparisons only brought dissatisfaction and robbed me of my joy.


5. The Turning Point:


Amid my journey into the depths of fashion, I realized that I was on a path of unhappiness. I constantly craved more and judged others while neglecting the real purpose of fashion – self-expression and confidence. My insatiable desires for more were detrimental to my well-being.


6. Embracing Minimalism:


It was then that I turned to minimalism as a way to exit the never-ending fashion race. Minimalism helped me reprioritize my values and understand that less is often more. I began the process of letting go of fashion and embracing simplicity.


7. Breaking Free:


I started by distancing myself from fashion-related sources. I unfollowed fashion accounts on social media, stopped browsing fashion websites, and discontinued watching fashion-related videos. This disconnection was challenging at first, but it was necessary to break free from the fashion obsession.


8. Focusing on Essentials:


My transition to minimalism made me realize the importance of focusing on life’s essentials. By simplifying my wardrobe, I found myself with fewer decisions to make each day, which allowed me to direct my attention and energy towards more meaningful pursuits.


9. Discovering Freedom:


Minimalism provided me with a sense of liberation. No longer was I bound by the latest trends or the pressures of keeping up with the fashion world. I was free from the constant need for new items and the negative effects of judgment and comparison.


10. Finding Balance:


I still appreciate fashion and its role in self-expression. The difference now is that it’s no longer the driving force in my life. I’ve found a balance where I can admire beautiful garments and appreciate the artistry behind them without needing to own every piece I admire.




My journey from fashion enthusiast to minimalist has been transformative. I’ve learned that fashion can be a valuable tool for self-expression and confidence, but when taken to the extreme, it can lead to dissatisfaction and a loss of personal identity. Minimalism has helped me find balance, simplicity, and a more meaningful life. It’s a reminder that less truly can be more, and that true happiness doesn’t lie in the accumulation of possessions, but in the richness of our experiences.


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