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This routine allows you to stay active and fit in the comfort of your own home without the need for bulky exercise machines or extensive equipment. In this article, we will explore the concept of a minimalist workout routine and provide a detailed plan that you can follow to maintain your health and well-being.



The Personal Journey:


Before diving into the workout routine, it’s essential to understand the motivation behind adopting a minimalist approach to fitness. The author shares a personal story of their journey towards prioritizing a healthier lifestyle. The trigger for this change was experiencing alopecia, an autoimmune condition. This revelation led to a newfound commitment to health and fitness. The author’s story emphasizes the importance of embracing a minimalistic and sustainable approach to exercise.


Setting Up a Minimalist Home Gym:


To effectively follow a minimalist workout routine at home, you need minimal yet functional equipment. The author’s home gym setup consists of a simple set of dumbbells with free weights that go up to 17 kg on each side, a yoga mat, workout outfits, running shoes, and other useful accessories such as gloves. This setup ensures that they can have effective workouts without taking up significant living space.


The Minimalist Workout Routine:


The minimalist workout routine outlined in this article includes a balanced mix of strength training, cardio, and core workouts. The author follows a structured plan:


Day 1: Chest and Triceps


Floor press

Floor fly

Reverse grip press

Upper chest flies


Day 2: Cardio (Running)


The author shares their personal experience of running, the discomfort associated with it, and how it has become a vital part of their fitness routine.

Day 3: Shoulders


Shoulder press

Upright row

Front raise (superset)

Arnold press (superset)

Lateral raise (superset)

Lying side rear delt raises (superset)

Day 4: Abs and Core


A 20-minute abs workout that provides an intense core workout.

Day 5: Back and Biceps


Romanian deadlift

Dumbbell row

Reverse fly

Bicep curls

This five-day routine is repeated throughout the week, with weekends reserved for rest and recovery. The author emphasizes the importance of rest in the workout routine to avoid burnout and overtraining.


The Role of Discomfort:


The author acknowledges that some elements of their workout routine, like running and core workouts, are uncomfortable. However, they highlight how embracing discomfort can be motivating and lead to personal growth and fitness improvements. The author’s story serves as a reminder that working out isn’t always easy but can be extremely rewarding.




In a world marked by gym closures and shifting circumstances, a minimalist workout routine can provide a practical and effective way to stay fit and healthy at home. By following the structured plan outlined in this article, you can work towards your own definition of a healthy lifestyle. Remember, starting small and staying consistent is key. Minimalism in fitness can be both frugal and efficient, leading to better health and overall well-being. So, use this routine as inspiration to step out of your comfort zone and embrace a minimalist approach to your fitness journey.

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